Tinney Concept: Women in Photography

Not Restlessness, But Rootedness: Featuring Photography by Kristine Potter, Rachel Boillot, Molly Peters


In Tinney Concept’s Women’s Month installment, we are proud to exhibit three female established Artists in Photography. Each of their series investigates an underlying concept of home, i.e. spiritual ties to the land, people, or place. There is also a determination to unearth near-forgotten traditions and antiquated archetypes in a modern landscape that misleadingly seems to be photographed from yesteryear. Whether the series is a self-centric portrayal or a photographic investigation, each series takes the viewer on a journey of emotional, spiritual, and psychological endeavors. Due to the vast range of landscape, these series juxtaposed together, unearth a large array of senses and emotions within the viewer’s ties to their own sense of “Home.”

Kristine Potter, a Yale graduate with an MFA (concentration in Photography), is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. She shows her work both nationally and internationally; and is the recipient of the 2018 Guggenheim Fellow. Within her current series ‘Manifest,’ she chooses to investigate set notions of masculinity around the lore of the American Cowboy. The setting is in the secluded Western slope of Colorado between the years 2012 and 2015. Potter’s intimate portrayal seems to recode the Western paradigms of the myth that envelops the American Cowboy. ‘Manifest’ sheds new light on the divergent aspects of their day-to-day personas amidst the abyss of the Western landscape. To see the full extent of this series, or more of Potter’s work click here.

Rachel Boillot is currently based in Nashville, and is funded by the Tennessee Art’s, Commission, Nashville, Tennessee, and the National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, D.C. Boillot earned an MFA in Experimental, Documentary Photography from Duke University. A common visage throughout her work is a lingering attachment to land; although threatened by the hyper-speed of development of elsewhere, this Southern-centric photographer’s gaze stands still. In Boilliot’s current collection ‘Moon Shine,’ she focuses on storytelling within the musical traditions of the Cumberland Plateau. She showcases the rich creative impulses of music passed down through generations. The colorful heritage and locale captured in ‘Moon Shine’ is a disappearing landscape and a diminishing tradition on account of modern trends and attention span. To Explore more of Boillot’s Documentary-Photography click here.

Molly Peters received her MFA from Hartford Art School in 2018. She is currently based in Los Angeles and is and has served as President of the Los Angeles chapter of ASMP since 2016. Peter’s current series, ‘Anima’, depicts a spiritual metamorphosis catalyzed by her returning to the remote island where she was born and raised. Anima, an Italian word for soul or inner self, sets the tone for Peter’s own spiritual, emotional, and psychological journey encompassed by the place and people she considers home. Upon her seven month journey, Peters tells:

… that time was marked deeply by witnessing events in my close friend’s life. She embodied a mythical phoenix, dying and rising repeatedly from the ashes, as external forces guided her through a spiritual metamorphosis.

To experience more of Molly Peters’ photographic journeys or exploration visit here.