Tinney Concept: On Paper

Featuring Paintings & Drawings by Artists Jennifer Printz, Ansley Givhan, Naomi Schlinke, and Tricia Strickfaden


Tinney Concept is pleased to present our fourth online exhibition, which includes work by both emerging and mid-career artists. Coming from various regions across the country, these selected artists span a diverse range of works on paper. The underlying motif is how each artist transforms the most archaic medium into a modern landscape of thoughts, systems, and imaginations.

Jennifer Printz is a visual artist whose interest has been marginally peaked by the unseen forces that organize our world. The relationship of an artist’s touch in her work is intrinsic; subsequently, she uses her loving-process of prolonged touch to reach a meditative state. In her current series, she develops ethereal photographs of her musings of the unseen stars in the noonday sky with her labor-intensive drawing and printmaking processes. Jennifer Anderson Printz teaches workshops across the United States, including the J. Paul Getty Museum. She is currently an Associate Professor at Hollins University where she shares her expertise in Drawing, Printmaking, and Professional Practices

Ansley Givhan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Mississippi in 2016. She currently work as a studio artist in New Orleans, Louisiana. Using a variety of mediums and experimental methods, Ansley playfully blends abstraction and representational imagery to create works that are full of personal symbolism and exploration. Her paintings emphasize process and experimentation. Givhan starts each painting differently- a large wash of color, a drawing of lines, or cluster of shapes. Referencing an image in her mind, she is thinking about composition - movement, balance, rhythm -- how the eye will travel through the picture. Through the process, Givhan is considering mood and behavior, allowing the dialogue between pictorial elements to determine what the painting is going to say. Her work investigates personal relationships between her surroundings, herself, and others. Arrangements of color, shape, and line form invented environments that mirror her playful approach to human experience, revealing deeply personal inner emotions.

Naomi Schlinke is fueled by the dance created by the waxing and waning of chaos and order. In the beginnings of her career, she received her B.A. and M.A. (Emphasis in Dance) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. One of Schinkle’s earliest influences was the very abstract and forward-thinking mind of John Cage. She danced professionally with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company and the Joe Goode Performance group, based in San Francisco, throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. Relocating to Dallas in 1994, she began to exhibit her visual work throughout numerous galleries across Texas and San Francisco. The life experience of dance has made a fluid transition onto the page regarding her artistic process and style. Naomi Schlinke currently resides in Austin and continues to show across the United States.

Tricia Strickfaden was born in Iowa and raised in Dallas, Texas. She studied Interior Design and Art at Stephen S. Austin State University. She was greatly influenced by the Modern Masters of techniques including Rothko, Picasso, and Pollock within her career as an Interior Designer in Los Angeles. This has caused her to always keep up with modern trends regarding colors and palettes.

Strickfaden is self-taught and began painting professionally beginning in 2000. She is deeply influenced by Los Angeles’ casual and modern lifestyle. Married to a South Bay native, her recent series is anchored in the earthy and organic palette that surrounds her landscape. She uses a wide breadth of application techniques and is a very process-oriented painter. Recently, she has been published in Voyage LA magazine (December 2018).