Tinney Concept: Emerging, Local Women In Abstraction

Our Online Exclusive featuring emerging Nashville Artists Gina Julian, Tess Erlenborn, Katherine Wagner, Chloe York, and Lisa Zager



Tinney Concept is please to present our premier, exclusively online exhibition, Local Women in Abstraction, featuring new work by emerging artists Gina Julian, Tess Erlenborn, Katherine Wagner, Chloe York, and Lisa Zager. The common thread among these artists is their commitment to abstract painting, yet each utilizes her own technique and style.

Gina Julian is a hard-edge abstraction painter who seeks to explore energy and motion through the use of flat color. Julian has long been fascinated by the effects of color on the human psyche and enjoys exploring the emotions that can be evoked by varying colors according to hue, saturation and value. Her color palettes are often experimentations of how colors interact with each other, and how the perception of color can be altered based on its surroundings. Julian also uses color variations to suggest movement in her works, often giving the viewer multiple perspectives on the direction of her crisp lines. Julian classifies her work as Optical Art. For more available works please visit her page with Nashville Artist Collective.

Tess Erlenborn's studio practices include acrylic and oil painting, with a focus on natural textures, layered spaces and dualities. She takes inspiration from escapism, biological patterns and forms, and feminine tropes. Erlenborn's work restructures familiar, natural objects into a composition of disparate parts. Stillness and movement, color and contrast, human and nature, and structure and looseness are all prevalent dualities in her work. The painted, abstract beings represent our tendencies to compartmentalize and reveal personal anxieties in the way the patterns are isolated and contained.  They transition in and out of more abstract beings and more nature based compositions. This movement between the real and the imagined is representational of escapism. Creating these patterns, and repeating them intricately and deliberately, directly correlates to human's repeated tendencies. It is also representative of the constant division of cells and growth found in the processes of decay and rebirth. By using natural metaphors, the purpose of this work is to beautify the inevitable. For more available work by Tess, please visit her page with Nashville Artist Collective.

Katherine Wagner grew up in Nashville, TN in the suburbs along with her two older siblings. Her parents primarily owned clothes from the 1980’s that were bold and bright; however, her home had a lot of different types and styles of fabric in it due to its diversity. Wagner has a British mother and an Irish-Mexican father who, before the loss of his first wife, had a half Chinese son. All these elements of her life have bathed her in different fabrics from each culture: deep glossy reds, gentle floral and vegetative patterns, and graphic stripes of vivid colors. She embraces color in her art. When she was young and more timid, these loud fabrics used to embarrass her, especially her parent’s clothing. Today though, these various fabrics and patterns have influenced her so much, so they have become the stars of her work. Alongside patterns and fabrics, her siblings, namely her sister Sarah, have influenced her. In her work, she is reconnecting with her love for patterns and looking back at sibling dynamics. She has been working nonstop at finding her voice in the art world. So far, Wagner has been exhibited in New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and North Carolina. She is currently living and working in Nashville.

Chloe York's work explores identity, outward appearances, and the manner in which we decorate ourselves. "Her technique is meticulous, her sense of color superb, her thought processes both contemplative and provocative, and the pieces are imbued with beauty that is sometimes quiet, sometimes splashy. What more could a gallery owner or a collector ask for?" -Fredric Koeppel, Art Review, The Commercial Appeal

Lisa Zager is a modern abstract artist who also owns an interior design firm in Nashville. Her
work with residential work, as well as developers and commercial clients has helped her understand the value of scale, balance, and color placement. Raised in Cullman, Alabama, Lisa studied art at Stephens College. She then went onto the Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, IL. While there, she continued to study painting at the Art Institute of Chicago, as well.  She is truly inspired by pattern, furniture, buildings and, of course, color. She is drawn to the confluence of what colors and objects work well next to one another and  the necessary space in between.She especially admires the work of Paul Rand, an American Modernist (1914-1966). For more available work please visit Lisa’s page with Nashville Artist Collective.