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sky kim

Artist Statement

My meticulous, labor-intensive watercolor paintings/drawings are at once abstract, anatomical, spiritual and sensual.  There's a constant tug of war embedded in the organic undulations in my work. The shapes are comforting, yet dizzying; fluid, yet stagnant; organic, yet abstract; delicate, yet obsessive.  I record my personal time, space and raw emotions in each moment of creation. My inspiration comes from my philosophical belief in "reincarnation." My work is largely influenced by the loss of my twin sister at birth on an unconscious level. I've tried to figure out why I am here when she is not? What is my life purpose? I realized that through numerous lives, we complete our life cycle and become spiritually advanced. This realization influenced my work a great deal. I began to use the repetition of circles and wiggly lines to create patterns that represent the wheel of life-the reincarnation. A circle is an absolute form you can find in nature. Each circle in my work contains energy which allows a being to consistently evolve into a complete form of nature. When you draw a circle, there is no beginning or end. You always come back to the point where you started, just like our life process, the principle of Yin and Yang.

When I record my being and my spiritual journey in my work, no time exists other than the present moment, and each moment is vibrant with sensation. Everything, including life or death occurs in the present moment. Therefore, the moment of now is timeless and abundant. Our ability to see and hear depends upon our detection of energy traveling at different wavelengths of vibration. Vision and sound are the products of atomic particles in space colliding with one another and emitting patterns of energy. I simply capture these patterns of energy, the residue of my vibration in my work. Everything around us, about us, among us, within us, and between us is made of atoms and molecules vibrating in space. Although we define our self as solid, we are made of trillions of cells, gallons of water and ultimately everything about us exists in a constant and dynamic state of activity and movement in the name of evolving process. 


Born in Seoul, Korea and she received a M.F.A in Painting from Pratt Institute. She is a recipient of the National Museum of Contemporary Art's National Korean Art Competition Awards and a Pratt Institute Art Grant. She has exhibited across the U.S. and internationally, including the Toronto International Art Fair, GLAAD Art Auction, DUMBO Arts Festival, Gwangju Biennale, MOCA DC, Governors Island Art Fair and has been exhibiting and lecturing as a guest artist at universities, including University of Nevada in NV, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and St. Joseph's University in PA. Her work has been reviewed in The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Wall Street International, The Korea Herald, Artlog and The Korea Daily, Artefuse and Arts Observer and on WMBC-TV. 


Pratt Institute; Brooklyn, N.Y
Master of Fine Arts in Painting (Graduated with Honors)


Interview: Wall Street International, 2017
Exhibition review: Artefuse, NY, 2014
Exhibition review: Arts Observer, NY 2012
Exhibition review: The Boston Globe, MA, 2011
Exhibition review: The Philadelphia Inquirer, PA, 2011
Exhibition review: The Post Standard, Syracuse, NY, 2011
Exhibition review: WMBC-TV, NY, 2010
Interview: The Korea Daily, NY, 2010
Interview: Weekly Spotlight Artist in Artlog, 2009.
Exhibition review: The Korea Herald, Korea, 2002
Exhibition review: The Washington Post, Washington DC, 1997

Art Fairs

2017 ‘Spring Break Art Show, New York, NY
2014 ‘ART TORONTO International Art Fair', Toronto, Canada
2010 ‘Governors Island Art Fair, New York, NY
‘Affordable Art Fair", Montclair Museum, NJ

Artist Residency

2016 ‘Kunsthauset Messen', Alvik, Norway

Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

2015 ‘Quantum One', St. Joseph's University Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2014 ‘Mapping Out the Matrix', Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN
2012 ‘One Spirit, One Breath', Haas Gallery, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, PA
‘Sacred Geometry', chashama Gallery, New York, NY
2011 ‘Reiterate the Repeat', Sheppard Gallery, University of Nevada, NV
‘Sea of SAMSARA', Dalet Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
‘SAMSARA', Earlville Opera House Arts Center, NY
2010 NARS Open Studios Visiting Artist, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
2008 ‘Two Person Show', Gallery Oms, Fort Lee, NJ
2002 Duck-won Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998 ‘Images of Beauty', The Right Bank Gallery, New York
1998 Dada Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 ‘On Belonging and The Void Between', Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ
‘Personal Tesserac', Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY
2016 ‘Rind', Carrie Able Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
‘Beep International Painting Prize', Elysium Gallery, Swansea Wales, UK  
‘Pin It Up', The Drawing Rooms, Jersey City, NJ
‘Errand into The Maze', Art House Productions, Jersey City, NJ
‘Beep International Painting Prize', Elysium Gallery, Wrenxham Wales, UK  
‘On Site in 16 Cities', Berlin Collective world tour exhibition, Berlin, Germany, Sydney, Australia
2015 ‘EXIT Cartografía de la Creatividad', The Museo De Arte De Sinaloa (Sinaloa Art Museum), Sinaloa, Mexico.
‘Working Artist', Academic Gallery, Long Island City, NY
‘Asian Art 40 Years: Contemporary Views', QCC Gallery, The City University of New York, NY
2014 ‘Leaps into the Void: Shamanism, Meditation, Transcendence, Oblivion', Garis & Hahn Gallery, New York, NY
‘The Draftsmen's Congress', The New Museum, New York, NY
2013 ‘ASlAP', Dumbo Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
‘Unsteady Ground', City without Walls, Newark, NJ
‘Breaking Open', Blank Space, Oslo, Norway
2012 'GLAAD Art Auction', Metropolitan Pavillion, New York, NY
‘DUMBO Arts Festival', Brooklyn, NY
'Subjective Objective', Victory Arts Projects Art Center, City, NJ
'Elements', Art House Productions, Jersey City, NJ
‘Re-imagine Ourselves', Yara's Winter Festival of New Art, Ukrainian Institute, NY, NY
2011 ‘Residue', Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA
‘PIN-IT-UP', Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ
‘DUMBO Arts Festival', Brooklyn, NY (September)
‘Homage to Morandi: Essence of Art', Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea
‘Art: Gwangju', Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea
2011 ‘Evolution of Power Movements', The Stoop Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 ‘Private Eyes', I Made an Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
‘Multiplied Within', Able Fine Art NY Gallery, NYC
‘Made from Earth', Jersey City Art Fair, Jersey City, NJ
‘Ecstatic', Curious Matter Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
‘Fuzzy Logic', Thompson Gallery, The Cambridge School of Weston, MA
‘Oddly Alive', The Troy Art Center, Troy, NY
2009 ‘Subject to Change, Ox Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
‘The Post Party World', Salon Ciel & Subdivision Art, Long Island City, NY
‘Fresh Asphalt', Gallery Satori, NYC
‘Paintpresent', Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY
‘The Sketchbook Project Tour', Art House Gallery, Museum of Design Atlanta (Atlanta),  
Museum of Contemporary Art DC (DC), Laconia Gallery (Boston), Antena Gallery, Chicago
Art Source Gallery (Chicago), Soulard Art Market (St. Louis), 3rd Ward (Brooklyn)
2008 ‘Pot Shots at Hot Shots', 3rd Rail Studio, New Rochelle, NY
‘Starting Small', Lana Santorelli Gallery, NYC
2007 ‘New ‘07' NurtureArt Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition,The Cue Art Foundation,NYC
2005 ‘The Square Foot Show', Art Gotham, NYC
‘Benefit Art Auction for New Orleans, Chi Gallery, Brooklyn ,New York
2003 -2000 ‘Brooklyn Express', Injae Art Museum, Joenju University, Duck-won Gallery, Korea
2000 ‘Forest of Humans & Forest of Paintings', Kwangju Biennale 2000, Kwangju,Korea
‘The 14th Korean Art Competition', National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
1999 ‘Confluence of Cultures', Gallery Korea, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Shaffler
Gallery, New York
1998 ‘Objects & Photo', Eklektikos Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona
‘People Place Things', Galleria Boricua, NYC
‘Version 21', Tunnel, NYC
‘La Grande Salon', Ridged Street Gallery, NYC