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Jason Craighead

Jason Craighead’s work is, at its core, a continuation of the artist’s exploration of the human condition, both personal and collective. Craighead’s work encompasses his recent experiences, preoccupations, and raw emotions. Our modern lives are entangled in a complicated world that is joyful, tragic, confusing, dark, wild, and brilliant. This is an experience to be shared; it is yours, mine, and ours.

Most everything starts on the studio floor to allow for what the artist refers to as “proper seasoning”, meaning while working on pieces that are on the wall, he is walking, dripping, spilling on the canvases and paper in the floor. Jason says this process, “allows for accident and mishap to become a natural collaborator” and, “is, in itself, evidence of process, of action…of me”. When a piece moves to the wall it is then shaped and formed with layers of drawing and painting until the pieces fall into a striking composition of gravity and space. The artist’s work echoes the well-known words of Edward Hopper, “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint”. When prompted for significance and inspiration, Craighead is known to provide literary references, various lyrics from songs and snippets of poetry to communicate what feeds his creative process. The effect of his work envelopes the viewer, inciting emotional reaction and engagement with his narrative.

Jason lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, recently moving from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was a significant member of the arts community and advocate for the arts at large, serving 7 years on the City of Raleigh Arts Commission. Represented by Cheryl Hazan Gallery in NYC, Tinney Contemporary in Nashville, TN and PRIVATEVIEW Gallery in Turin, Italy, Craighead is developing a strong collector base, both nationally and internationally. Craighead recently had his first major solo museum exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC in July 2018. He has an upcoming exhibition at Tinney Contemporary in March 2019 and at PRIVATEVIEW Gallery, Turin, Italy November 2019.   


2012 Cheryl Hazan Contemporary "undertones" NYC

2011 Greenhill Center, Winter Show, Greensboro, NC

2011 Visual Art Exchange, Print Portfolio, Raleigh, NC

2011 Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

2010 Greenhill Center, "Drawing Revisited"-Greensboro, NC

2010 Flanders Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2009 Somerhill Gallery-Durham, NC

2008 Fayetteville Museum of Art-Fayetteville, NC

2007 Bucks Gallery Fine Art-Newtown, PA

2007 Anne Irwin Fine Art-Atlanta, GA

2007 Somerhill Gallery-Chapel Hill, NC

2006 Glance Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2006 New Elements Gallery-Wilmington, NC

2005 Glance Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2004 Contemporary Art Museum-Raleigh, NC

2003 Contemporary Art Museum-Raleigh, NC

2003 Litmus Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2003 Bickett Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2003 Sizl Gallery-Chapel Hill, NC

2003 Glance Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2002 Grace Li Wang Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2001 Bickett Gallery-Raleigh, NC

1998 Art Connection-Cary, NC

1997 Pensacola Museum of Art-Pensacola, FL


2018 Cheryl Hazan Gallery, NYC

2014 Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Jason Craighead and Michael Kessler, NYC

2014 Switchhouse Raleigh, NC

2013 Thomas Deans Fine Art "from the soul to the heart" Atlanta, GA

2013 Flanders Gallery "be careful" Raleigh, NC

2012 Thomas Deans Fine Art- Atlanta, GA

2012 The Umstead Hotel- Cary, NC

2011 Flanders Gallery- Raleigh, NC

2010 Gallery A-Raleigh, NC

2010 Broadhurst Gallery-Pinehurst, NC

2009 Somerhill Gallery-Durham, NC

2008 Miriam Preston Block Art Gallery, Municipal Building-Raleigh, NC

2007 Anne Irwin Fine Art-Atlanta, GA

2007 Somerhill Gallery-Chapel Hill, NC

2006 Glance Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2005 Glance Gallery-Raleigh, NC

2004 The Fayetteville Museum of Art-Fayetteville, NC

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2003 April & George-Raleigh, NC

2003 Lancaster County Arts Council-Lancaster, SC

2003 Springs Memorial Hospital-Lancaster, SC

2003 Frazier's-Raleigh, NC

2001 Fabio Fabio-Raleigh, NC


City of Raleigh- Raleigh, NC

Senator John Edwards Office-US Senate-Washington, DC

Exploris Museum-Raleigh, NC

Zaytoun & Miller, PLLC-Raleigh, NC

Frazier's-Raleigh, NC

Humble Pie-Raleigh, NC

Steve Guggenheim PLLC-Raleigh, NC

O2 Fitness-Cary, NC

Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Hunter Industries- Cary, NC

The Dawson on Morgan- Raleigh, NC

J. Davis Architects-Raleigh, NC

Bernie and Katie Reeves- Raleigh, NC

Rob and Kimberly Humphries-Washington DC

Mayor of Raleigh Nancy McFarlane- Raleigh, NC

Dr. Daniel Liotta-Atlanta, GA

John and Kristin Replogle-Raleigh, NC

Brooks Bell-Raleigh, NC

Kimberly Jenkins and Guy Chisholm-Durham, NC