Past Exhibitions

Sequences and All At Once

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Sequences, an exhibition of new work by Nashville based artist Carol Mode. This exhibition presents a central theme of Mode’s work, illustrating a process of developing abstract paintings aimed at solving problems of design and color interactions within sequences.  While each work stands alone, together they offer a testimonial to my working process. As a seminal piece begins to emerge, Mode enters a ‘zone’ where possibilities multiply and alternative solutions present themselves. Choice after choice leads her to explore ever-more complex actions and outcomes, so that the process itself becomes a challenging tool for new discoveries.

All through Carol Mode’s long career as a painter, she has observed a culture where “the suspension of disbelief” is called for as one is seeking personal authenticity.  Mode’s own inclination is to seek an ‘unsafe path’ – one that challenges the idea that an earlier series of familiar perceptions can continue to be reliable.  It has led her into uncharted territory, where the freedom to re-invent a process has itself become a powerful tool for  discovery (as well as the means to share in the excitement of wrapping oneself within a private, creative world). 
At the heart of Mode’s experimentation with ideas behind ‘sequence formations’ there were complex choices that diverged over time and had to be reconciled.  One linkage came together between Blue Origins and Spring to Green with their sweeping reminders of emergent forces in nature; another sequence evolved into Shape Shifting, where a virtual triptych comes about using geometric forms “stretched out” in pursuit of color closure and  proportional relativity.   This range of expectations expressed here goes from a synthesis of pure planarity in Construct to individual concept pieces (small acrylic studies) showing Mode’s aspirations.  

In the rear gallery: ALL AT ONCE - Arden Bendler Browning

In the rear gallery, Tinney Contemporary will be showing new paintings by Philadelphia based artist Arden Bendler Browning.  Bendler Browning creates large abstract paintings referencing urban landscape and multiple perspectives.  She draws from  a wide range of sources as inspiration : the temporality of Impressionism, the gestural energy of Abstract Expressionism, and the combination of disparate forms from Postmodernism.

Travel - whether the everyday paths throughout her urban home base, or the moving landscape from a family road trip - has become the common thread throughout her work.   Her paintings reflect on a persistent tension between time and memory, the layering of images, and developing complex representations that allude to the impossibility of fully capturing, knowing, or reaching a destination. She merges seemingly disparate elements, jumbling and layering references of thousands of photographs and gestural studies of light, color, and movement, retaining a feeling of place and time and our movement through both.

Arden Bendler Browning lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Her pieces are included in several public collections including the West Collection, the Pennsylvania Convention Center, PNC Tower, and numerous private collections. Bendler Browning's works have been featured in New American Paintings twice (2009 & 2013), Philadelphia Style Magazine, The Morning News, the artblog, polisblog, Philadelphia Inquirer, Icon Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constutition, and Drawing Magazine, among others. She has been featured in exhibitions at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Arlington Arts Center, Swarthmore College, Delaware Contemporary, Kutztown University, and the James A. Michener Museum. A commissioned permanent work for the City of Philadelphia at the Philadelphia International Airport, awarded through a rigorous competition and selection process, was recently completed in early 2017. Bendler Browning holds a BFA in Art with honors from Carnegie Mellon University (1997), a Master of Studio Art with high distinctions from Sydney College of the Arts/University of Sydney (2000), and an MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art/Temple University (2003). 

Cloud Witness


New Work by Andy Harding
November 25 - December 23, 2017

Opening Reception: December 2nd during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Cloud Witness, an exhibition of new works by Andy Harding. This body of work is deeply inspired by the history of matter around us.  Dust, stone, water, and wood—every material we encounter—contains atoms with a story that extends back to the birth of time. The contents of everything from our solar system to our bodies has come from the far reaches of space and remade itself for a time before returning to the dust from which it came. Thus, the world we inhabit now is just one moment in a saga of material transformation.  

In Cloud Witness, Harding grapples with the reality that matter in all its forms has had a previous life elsewhere. Indeed, scientists have theorized that all the constituent parts that make up the whole of the universe—and life as we know it—can be traced back to the primordial clouds of gas that emanated from the Big Bang. This work serves as a totem for the elemental structures that emerged from these cosmic clouds of dust and gas. The frenetic configurations of the wood sculptures hint at the elusive nature of the particles and energy contained within all matter. 

The materials, form, and process behind the work echo this grand cycle of transformation. The compositions are made from materials with history, such as reclaimed wood and discarded acrylic. Though composed of hard-edged geometric elements, the wood and acrylic forms take on an organic, fluid nature when viewed as a whole. In addition, many of the sculptures are composed of a single, infinite loop—further embodying the concept that all matter is in a state of perpetual transition.

Andy Harding is a sculptor living and working in Nashville, TN. He developed a passion for art-making while pursuing a degree in chemistry at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. In the years following graduation, he worked in architectural metalwork and woodworking studios while engaging in an ongoing study of the scientific and philosophical subject matter that continues to inform his work. He had the honor of studying contemporary art in China with 12 other art professionals.  His work has been exhibited nationally in Boston, San Diego, Chicago, and Louisville, and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections across the United States.  

Welcome To The Orange West

New Work by Joel Daniel Phillips
October 7 - November 11, 2017

Opening Reception: October 7th, 6 to 9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Welcome to the Orange West, an exhibition of new work by Joel Daniel PhillipsThe exhibition comes out of Phillips' search for an understanding of his new surroundings after relocating to Tulsa, OK from San Francisco at the beginning of 2017 to participate in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Welcome to the Orange West explores the historical and cultural events that shaped Westward Expansion in the United States at the turn of the 20th Century. Through the lens of abandoned and decaying advertising littering the landscape along Route 66, the exhibition focuses on the sociological factors surrounding Manifest Destiny. Contrasted with renderings of historical moments central to the formation of the American West, the works examine the ways in which the United States has been shaped by, for better and worse, a deeply nostalgic relationship with Westward Expansion and the idea of the pioneer.

Most particularly, the drawings speak to the juxtaposition between history and nostalgia. We are in the midst of a cultural moment that sees many Americans hoping to return the country to their own individual understanding of its past; Welcome to the Orange West is an exploration of that past, and how our fascination with its glamour continues to shape decisions that affect our future.

Joel Daniel Phillips' work focuses on the tenets of classical draftsmanship employed in monumental formats. Inspired by the depth and breadth of human experience, he strives to tell the stories etched in the faces of those around him. Through the tip of his pencil, the artist seeks to find moments where our projected senses of self are transparent, allowing deeper, more truthful emotions to become visible. Phillips’ work has been exhibited at institutions and galleries across the United States as well as abroad, and he was recently the 3rd prize recipient in the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden


New Work by Carla Ciuffo
August 26 - September 30, 2017

Opening Reception: September 2nd during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Nano.Stasis Cosmic Garden, a continuation of Carla Ciuffo's exploration of Stasis and the culmination of her two year odyssey as a visiting artist at Harvard. Blending art with science, Carla's unique collaboration with Harvard's Disease and Biophysics Group examined the cosmic world of nanofiber. Using this intriguing medium to bridge the divide between art and science, her endeavor is to show how artists use science to make their fantasies real and palpable; and how science uses the arts in the same way. Carla's work was sparked by Harvard's Tarr Family Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics, Kit Parker and his invention of a rotary jet spinning technology. Professor Parker's groundbreaking work has created a textile that is evolving for a spectrum of futuristic uses - from wound healing, tissue and organ growth to "smart" sports related products and high couture. Now, it is being made into art. After two years of working closely with the nanofiber technology at Harvard, Carla developed tiny nanofiber "canvases." Using small swatches from the canvases, SEM (scanning electron microscope) photos were taken utilizing Harvard's electron microscope. Carla expanded these images into an enormous cosmic garden. Large and small format acrylic artworks illustrate the fiber's unique strength and its ephemeral beauty.

Carla Ciuffo's work lies somewhere between narrative, photography, and collage. Imagery is stripped down to its most basic elements, light and texture. Details are taken away then integrated back into the artwork to shape new composites, constructing and deconstructing the boundaries of her photographic world.

During her time with Tinney Contemporary, she has produced a number of installations including portraiture of iconic and contemporary artists that are now a part of the permanent art collection at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. Other select installations include a profile of Girl With a Scar at Tennessee's Custom's House Museum and several large format public works at Nashville's International Airport.

A recipient of the Woman Art Award 2017, for the Women's Essence Show, Espace Cominnes, Paris, France, Ciuffo's work can be found in collections and corporate installations throughout the United States and Europe.