Todd Alexander


August 7th - September 4th
Closing Reception: September 4th, 6-9 PM

Through charcoal, oils and even spray paint, Todd Alexander is an artist who allows no boundaries for himself when creating his work.  For him, it's not about the finished product as much as the journey - it is truly the "adventure of invention."  His most recent productions evoke the state of balance towards which he strives, using a mixed media of photography and other elements to align reality with interpretation of dimension.  Layers of wax and paint allow for a new, sometimes unexpected, lens for the viewer to look through and more actively participate with the image.  Subjects take the viewer to different places and times, inviting curiosity and contemplation, while collectively delivering new levels of validation and self-awareness.

Powerful, captivating, introspective, and edgy, the works in Alexander's latest series, The Dance, evoke a wide range of emotions in the viewer, with imagery that represents the fear of judgement and the commitment that is required to overcome it.  By incorporating haunting photographs of puppets and seemingly headless female figures into his multi-layered, encaustic paintings, Alexander shows this commitment to be two-fold.  First, a person must make the commitment to choose their own path in life, regardless of what other people may think.  Second, a person must have enough faith in him or herself to continue on that life journey, boldly and without fear.  The puppets and figures in Alexander's work symbolize the commitment to faith by letting go of the reigns that hold them back and allowing themselves to be driven by freewill and desire.  Consequently, Alexander's new body of work will both shock and awe, confronting the audience with a concept that resonates visually, mentally, and emotionally.