The Spring Collection


New Works by Sisavanh Phouthavong and Jarrod Houghton
May 15- June 19, 2010
Opening Reception- Friday, May 21st 6-9 PM

The Spring Collection is a new collaborative body of work created by sculptor, Jarrod Houghton and painter, Sisavanh Phouthavong. It functions as a vehicle for the dissolution of the subtle veil that separates the sometimes, grotesque requirements for nature's survival and its sublime beauty as filtered through innocent eyes. This work challenges our banal presumptions of perception and the psychology of our experience of the landscape. Additionally, it is a manifestation of intuitive play embodying a multitude of forms and textures through the use of classical techniques and materials such as bronze, iron, and encaustic. The intent of The Spring Collection is to present the viewer with evocative juxtapositions and to reveal our shared experiences of human anxiety, phobia, taboo, and dreams.