Intimate Decade


Tinney Contemporary is proud to present a diverse exploration of human contact from birth to death
Photographs by David Teplica
November 7th-28th
Opening reception with the artist November 7th 6 to 9 pm

David Teplica has fused the two worlds of art and medicine. Whether manipulating human form in two dimensions photographically or changing anatomy in three dimensions surgically, he enjoys altering the way society sees the body.

In the surgical realm, Teplica taps into the toolbox of the creative world to help individuals transform physically and psychologically. Spending hours analyzing form, proportion, surface contours, and symmetry, and by using perceptual tricks, a plan for surgery can be designed to permanently alter body shape without creating a stretched or surgically manipulated appearance.

Reflected light then plays off a surface favorably, and a postoperative patient sees himself in new ways. It is interesting that society may or may not see the changes, but reacts differently to an individual who carries himself more confidently through life's routine.

Conversely, in the two-dimensional medium of photography, Teplica uses the tools of science and medicine to help interpret some of life's most potent encounters. His medical career provides access to subjects and situations often kept from public view. Once distilled, these visual moments become generic but rich, and allow each of us to recall our pasts or to imagine new intimacies with less fear.

Artist's Background

David Teplica is a photographer and plastic surgeon who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He maintains two active professional careers that often commingle. After completing medical school at Dartmouth, Teplica trained in Plastic Surgery at the University of Chicago. During the same seven-year Residency period, he received the Trustee's Scholarship for the full course of study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and earned a Master of Fine Arts.

Today Teplica maintains a focused private practice in Chicago with patients from around the globe. He exhibits his creative work throughout the United States and Europe and lectures widely. As a member of the faculty, Teplica bases his teaching and research activities at the University of Chicago.

Perhaps best known for his detailed studies of identical twin relationships (the most extreme form of human intimacy), Teplica has also meticulously recorded his family experiences, personal relationships, and social forays over the same period. For the first time, the exhibition Intimate Decade and this accompanying catalog present a selection of images that explore the breadth of human contact at Teplica's personal interface between art and medicine.