Disappeared & Vanished

February 6th until February 27th, 2010
Opening Reception February 6th from 6-9pm

Eduardo Terranova is an artist and practicing architect living in New York City. He was born in Colombia, a country that has undergone over a sixty-year period of internecine war. The first wave of civil conflict left over two hundred thousand dead and an untold number of missing persons. The following waves have left thousands dead and an untold number of disappeared. The conflict continues. He immigrated to the States when he was 19.

As a child he taught himself to sew, to stitch, to make kites and to create his own toys. His passion for art and architecture is later developed with ballet classes in his teenage years. The sense of space, the figure defying gravity, the balance of bodies in motion, the vacuuming and filling of space and body, all contributed to his spatial formation. For Terranova, there is nothing more beautiful than holding a pencil or a brush in his hand. For him, it is like dancing with your heart in your hands around the universe. Today, Terranova sews and stitches his canvasses. His work has been developing out of socio-political themes such as the "Disappeared and Vanished" and "Memory and Dreams".

In 2006, Terranova began a series of paintings memorializing the collective memory of the disappeared. In these works, he starts puncturing, slashing, scoring and otherwise mutilating the painting surface. His canvases penetrated by light, shine and reveal former wounds, mutilations and tracing to be healed, to be heard. The construction of these works is developed as he punctures and repairs the surface, piercing them sometimes by symbolic acts of violence creating "voids", empty spaces to signify the presence of those vanished.

He employs coffee and wine as pigments in a diluted manner, creating a "stain" effect that may imply a former existence, erasures or disappeared signatures. This stain, perhaps, also suggests dried blood and former existences evoking the voices of those no longer present. Through his contact with his culture, its past, its ruins and ashes, Terranova's works are a unique voice embracing and forming a collective memory.

His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, in solo and group shows, throughout the United States, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Argentina.  He holds a Master of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, 2006; a Bachelor of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology, 1998 and a Bachelor of Science from ETH, 1992