Hidden Light

New Work by Jaq Belcher
March 7-April 18, 2015

Opening Reception: March 7th, 6 to 9 pm

Closing Reception: April 4th, 6 to 9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Hidden Light - a solo exhibition of new works by Australian born New York-based artist, Jaq Belcher. A follow up to Belcher's 2011 solo exhibition with Tinney Contemporary, Hidden Light features works that are founded in a contemplative process of reduction and repetition. Each unique work begins with an unblemished sheet of white paper, a pencil, and countless x-acto blades. Belcher then proceeds to rupture the surface of the paper slicing thousands of "seeds," a pointed oval shape based on the intersection of two spheres, commonly known as a vesica piscis.  The cuts are often in the tens of thousands and counted prior to the forms being raised. The play of light and shadow create geometric and dynamic compositions in a singular medium, the paper itself. 

Complex patterns emerge. Varying scale and alternating the style of cut, up to six in each form, Belcher investigates her own personal and spiritual understanding of frequency, consciously placing importance on the effect of every individual amendment to the surface of her paper. Belcher creates a three-dimensional landscape of sacred geometry through the symbolism of the vesica piscis as a mantra and the power of concentration.