Holding Pattern

New Wok by Stefany Hemming
August 24-September 28, 2013

Opening Reception: September 7th, 6-9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Holding Pattern- New Work by Stefany Hemming. Through her work Hemming explores painting as an obsessive, instinctive, physical practice: exposing the personal and universal relationship between chance and intention.

Hemming works within a strict set of formal parameters: one tool, one layer of paint and one continuous block of time. The color palette and subject are also limited. She has developed a reductive method of working that allows her to draw with paint, making fluid lines in sweeping strokes, at any width or speed. Within these confines, intuitive, animal-like mark-making and form-building occur. Spontaneous movement and raw action inform aesthetic balance and formality. Awkward, elegant, clumsy, confident, all strokes are left in their original state and all add equally to the reading of the completed work.

Through this frank and physical process, recurring concerns are revealed: vitality, stability, trust, loss, aging and lust. In Hemming's exploration, the work becomes a kind of documentation of the intangible; evidence of one block of time and the humanity that occupied it.  

Stefany Hemming lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the rear gallery:
Shell Game- New Work by Mary Addison Hackett

In Shell Game, Hackett revisits her relationship with abstraction with the addition of invented flora, patterns lifted from family heirlooms, and carefully constructed layers that shift slightly in color when viewed from different angles.

Before studio hours, I had a meditation practice. During studio hours, I listened to mashups, mostly "Girl Talk," and "Vol. 1 of Switched On The Cool Sound of TV Advertising" on repeat. In between, I walked the dog and did housework; saw a movie or read a book; took a motorcycle ride and did some yoga or ran. There were a few storms. Some trees went down. On and on.  - Mary Addison Hackett, 2013

Hackett lived and worked in Chicago and Los Angeles for the last 25 years, exhibiting nationally and internationally. She recently returned to Nashville where she maintains a studio.