The Resonance of Beauty

New Work by Anna Jaap
April 6-May 11, 2013

Closing Reception: May 4th, 6-9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present The Resonance of Beauty, New Works by Anna Jaap. This body of work continues in a tradition of organic abstraction, making visual connections between forms and structures in the natural world and focusing on beauty. How do we define it? What is its value? How does it speak to us in our daily lives?

Nature and the decorative arts, longstanding themes in the work, are historically tied to definitions of beauty. Other inspirations, such as cells, riverbeds, bones, and bacteria, are less obviously beautiful. Upon closer inspection, however, they reveal eloquent shapes, lines, and movement. From the smallest atom to the spiraling pinwheel of a galaxy, there are repeated, unifying threads of beauty.

New are paintings with poured acrylic surfaces mixed with charcoal dust. The elements of earth and water combine to form a fluid substrate that is reminiscent of the beginnings of life and the rhythms of nature. An iconic symbol of beauty, the rose, floats suspended in several of these works. Freed of customary associations, it exists only as specimen of line, form and color that varies widely in its approximation of beauty.

Also new are a series of charcoal drawings done on vintage wallpaper samples. Complex negative space and the push/pull between foreground and background characterize the works. Here the rose is layered over block-printed patterns and idyllic vignettes-bringing the past forward and overlaying it with an echo of beauty, and of itself. 

Born in Arlington, TX in 1966, Anna Jaap received her BFA Magna Cum Laude from Lipscomb University in 1987 with an emphasis in classical painting. For twenty-five years, she has maintained a working studio-establishing herself first as a printmaker before shifting her focus to painting and drawing in 2001.

Jaap's pieces are featured in corporate, museum, and private collections around the world. Selected clients include Avon, Agricultural Bank of China, BentleyForbes, Paramount Pictures, Ralph Lauren Home, and Tiffany.

The artist lives and paints in Nashville, surrounded by the rolling farmland of Tennessee.

In the rear gallery:  Stasis, New Works by Carla Ciuffo

Stasis [the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.]

Time, suspended in fractions of seconds, leaves us moments of choice. Postponed moments can produce infinite variables of outcomes and consequences. Ciuffo's series Stasis looks at sympathetic and opposing forces in nature using organic elements, symbolic gestures and the human figure to illustrate moments of choice that are "in between," removing us for a period of inactivity.

A pervading symbol throughout the series is a leaf shaped tree photographed at Cheekwood Botanical Garden.  A fluid icon, it shifts from grounding to fluctuating, with stabilizing roots or set adrift in space. Human figures are ambiguous, creating a safe distance of anonymity as well as representing human elements we can attach and identify with. To emphasize a feeling of exposed dimension Ciuffo positions images within significant negative space forming tableaux that resist confinement as time stands still.

A self taught photographer, Ciuffo captures snippets of life and remanufactures them using texture and light as a vehicle for personal reflection. Quality of light, both natural and constructed with layers of texture, provides luminosity within alternate dimensions that expand the boundaries of her photographic world. Transplanted from New York, via Arizona, to Nashville Tennessee, Ciuffo has produced a body of work that calls upon Arizona and Tennessee light sources, New York grit, and a variety of surfaces and grains. 

Ciuffo's work can be found in private collections in Nashville: Emmylou Harris, Nina Miller (portrait of Buddy Miller) and collections in New York, Los Angeles and Paris, France.