With Wings

New Work by Jeanie Gooden
October 5-November 16, 2013

Closing Reception: November 2nd, 6-9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present With Wings- New Work by Jeanie Gooden.  Gooden begins painting for a show with two goals of which she has come to think of as "Art" and "Heart." The "Art" portion is to reach beyond the comfort zone of previous work. The "Heart" portion is an internal exploration of thoughts, emotions and experiences that inspire her to begin layering the canvas.

Translating what she feels in the moment is what motivates Gooden's process. Though she feels it rewarding when her paintings are seen as beautiful, that it not her initial goal. For Gooden, it is more important to create paintings that connect with the people who come to see them. Gooden's desire is that her paintings communicate strength, be it soft and tranquil, or powerful and impacting.

Gooden's work is non-representational, using a variety of mixed media. She has learned that "never say never" is a true statement, for she once vowed never to "stick things onto canvas".  In recent years, Gooden's paintings have become increasingly layered using a variety of materials to build the surfaces.

When choosing materials and techniques for the paintings to be shown at Tinney Contemporary, Gooden maintained the hand stitching which she has used for several years, and, in some cases, added the new element of metal. The integration of the softness of canvas with the more rigid nature of metal added the dimension that she was hoping for.

The paintings in With Wings were created in two countries- Gooden's studio in the United States and in her studio in Mexico. Gooden lives and works between the two places, so in many ways she literally need "wings" to fly between the two. At a deeper level, Gooden drew from life experiences that have called for her spirit to fly during moments of challenge. Her hope is that those who attend this show will see something in the paintings that connects them to a common experience.

In the rear gallery: 
New Work by Lyle Carbajal

Lyle Carbajal uses his paintings to explore the unintentional. Through the use of color, bold line and image placement he hopes to capture the naiveté of daily life. Citing references to childhood imagery such as comics, monsters and machines, Carbajal juxtaposes the innocent associations of youth with the complicated path of maturation.

His focus on the face is evident in each painting, where visages are wild-eyed and gripped with anger, terror, confusion or pain.  The depictions of extreme emotive states in his paintings are as raw and innocent as those of a child.  Childhood memories and his Latin American background have helped Carbajal search for a primitive expression of the world.

Lyle Carbajal holds a degree in design yet is self-taught as a painter. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world such as Museu de Estremoz in Portugal, the Caro D'Offay Gallery in Chicago, and Art Fair in Denmark.  His work can be found in many private and corporate collections.