New Work by Jeanie Gooden
May 20 - June 18

Opening Reception: June 4th, 6-9 pm

Jeanie Gooden's latest exhibition, Sparked, at Tinney Contemporary features new abstract paintings inspired by a unique blend of cultural, emotional, and creative influences.   According to the artist, "At some point in life, each of us becomes aware of a moment when something is sparked inside of us."  For Gooden, it was her early experiences in Nashville making music that sparked her enduring need to embrace art as part of her life. 

While those early musical pursuits in Nashville did not provide Gooden with the visibility or recognition she was seeking, she did gain courage and confidence from spending time in such a vibrant, and creative city.  Ultimately, the performing arts led Gooden to the visual arts, which have been her passion for the past ten years.  Today, art is so intertwined with her life that she feels it impossible separate the two. Painting is her balance.

Though Gooden lives in both the United States and Mexico, most of her paintings in recent years have been created in her studio in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.   Gooden states, "Painting in an ancient city of beautiful architecture and rich color impacts my work in ways that I didn't expect...but are delightful to me. The textures of Mexico, created by its deep cultural history, have become an intimate part of my work."

Music and emotion are also vital aspects of Gooden's work.  As an artist, Gooden's constant challenge is finding new inspiration that pushes her to create in innovative ways.  To find this inspiration she paints from a very personal place, layering her surfaces with intense feeling and emotion. 

Yet, despite Gooden's personal approach to making her work, her hope is that viewers will be able to filter what they see through their own life experiences. Gooden places the utmost confidence in her viewers, citing the connection between a person and one of her paintings as the force that drives her to paint again and again.