New Work By Jaq Belcher
December 3rd - January 28, 2012

Reception: Jan. 7th, 6-9 pm

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present Suchness, an exhibition of new works by New York-based artist, Jaq Belcher.  Belcher describes this collection of work as "a recording of [her] past twenty months," with the hand-cut paper pieces acting as imprints of significant events in the artist's life.  Consequently, Belcher sees each work as a literal marker of time, made up of sequential dates relating to her artistic process.  For instance--the day she begins the piece by cutting the sheet of paper; the day she begins the drawing for the piece; the day she began cutting and completed cutting; and finally, the day the piece was raised, and therefore complete, marked by a date written in the lower right hand corner.

In contrast to many visual artists, Belcher's work is not intended to represent anything in particular.  Rather, the focus for her is on the process of reduction and repetition, and the manipulation of matter. This can be seen as a practice which allows, or requires, stillness. The process hones concentration and therefore the power of the mind through focus.

The resulting works from this meticulous process are beautifully patterned and complex. The pieces testify to the idea of 'being' in the moment and the idea of staying in the 'now', the 'present'. Belcher references ideas in eastern and western meditation practices, and also spiritual alchemy, and esoteric philosophy.

Belcher was born in Australia, and currently lives and works in New York City.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and her Master of Arts Administration from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts.